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Piano Across NYC

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March 2012

Piano Across NYC is a project inspired by my travels throughout the USA.

I started 2012 ready to hit the road again with my upright piano and dog, Brando. Unfortunately, after selling my yellow box truck, it turned out that I didnt have enough money to purchase a new vehicle.

Gas prices had just risen to an all time high and I realized that going on another road trip was going to cost a lot of money. Sad and Frustrated I felt as if I was letting people down including myself. My dream is to be able to travel, make music, meet people, and see the world. But how could I say that I’m living the dream when I’m not doing the things I love? And then it hit me…

Why travel the world when I havent even seen whats in my own backyard? I havent explored New York City to the fullest. Why travel the world when I can bring the world to me?

What is so exciting about New York City is that there is always something to see, even after being here all my life. There is no other city like it in America where each village has its own type of people, architecture, and vibe. A city of 8 million people, over 100 languages and cultures, its easy to see why i should do this. …And thus Piano Across NYC began!


To travel Across New York City and play my piano in more than 100 locations meeting people and playing with different musicians.


After many days of experimentation, many hours of struggle pushing pianos through the streets and our of potholes, I finally came up with a solution to how I will attempt this. I found a company to build a custom dolly for my piano.

I will be pushing the piano to different locations and then storing it overnight at storage units, businesses, and friends places.

Remember, this is an experiment and is ever-changing. New ideas are popping up every day.

SEE: How to Push A Piano Through NYC


  • I love challenges. I believe that in the attempt of doing the impossible is where we truly find who you are and ones meaning on earth. In 2010, I quit my job so I can pursue my dream of becoming a Traveling Performer and started playing on the streets.People told me that I wouldnt be able to travel across America with my piano and I did it. That experience changed me and taught me what is most important to value in life.
  • Success doesnt happen overnight. It takes hard work and determination. I have a dream of becoming a full time traveling musician and I understand that it takes hard work to make it happen. I love music, travel, and people so much that I would go to far ends to make my dreams come true. Even if I fail at this mission, I will still walk away with incredible experiences, new friends, and maybe a few gigs.
  • Its courageous to be able to create what you want for your life. But its even more daring if you can help others create what they want for their lives as well. My original intention with Piano Across America was motivated by my ambition to be a traveling musician. But, if it wasn’t for the hundreds of people that messaged me and told me how inspiring me story is, I probably wouldn’t be here right now. These are the people that believe in my message, my story, my dreams, and they have been the motivation behind my efforts. In doing the extraordinary, I hope to inspire others to find their passions and do something great with their lives. I would like to take this opportunity to teach people about music and on how to find their passions.

Its important for each individual to find their calling and do something extraordinary with their lives. Never stop searching.

NYC Locations:

  1. The High Line Park
  2. The Meatpacking District
  3. Union Square
  4. West Broadway and Spring St (SoHo)
  5. Mulberry Street (Little Italy)
  6. Bowery and Grand St (Chinatown)
  7. Hudson and and Jane St (West Village)
  8. Alice Tully Hall (Juilliard)
  9. Lincoln Center
  10. Columbus Circle
  11. Warren and Greenwich (TriBeCa)
  12. Pulitzer Fountain (5th Avenue)
  13. Empire State Building
  14. Herald Square
  15. Staten Island Ferry Waiting Area
  16. South Street Seaport
  17. Stone Street- FiDi
  18. Randalls Island – Governors Ball 2012
  19. Spring and Mercer (SoHo)
  20. Prince and Greene (Etsy Holiday Pop Up Shop)
  21. Hudson Terrace